Where the Apostles Baptized in Jesus’ Name?

Alexander Campbell made famous this nineteenth-century expression: “Where the Scriptures speak, we speak; where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent.” Basically he was saying that a teaching cannot be said to be “biblical” if is has no Bible verses for its evidence. With this in mind, there are three scriptural evidences that prove the Apostles of Jesus’ generation were baptized as commanded in Acts 2:38.

The Apostles’ Words

Firstly, we have the Apostles’ words to the Jews, Samaritans, and Greeks. In these the Apostles told everyone that if they were to be saved, they must obey Acts 2:38. The following are these accounts:

  • Church at Jerusalem…3000 added by baptism after receiving the word. (Act 2:41)
  • Church at Samaria…..Believed and were baptized, men & women. (Act 8:12-16)
  • Church at Caesarea….Peter commanded them to be baptized (Act 10:48)
  • Church at Philippi…….Lydia & the Philippian jailer baptized (Act 16:14-33)
  • Church at Corinth…….Chief ruler of the synagogue, Crispus and his household. (Act 18:8)
  • Church at Corinth……Paul preached. They believed and were rebaptized. (Act 19:1-6)
  • Church at Galatia……Believed Paul and baptized into Christ. (Gal 3:27)
  • Church at Colossi……They were buried with Christ in baptism. (Col 2:12)
  • Church at Rome……….They died to sin, and then buried in baptism. (Rom 6:1-4)

Testimony and Receiving Of The Holy Ghost

Secondly, we have the testimony accompanying the gentiles receiving of the Holy Ghost. Read carefully how these accounts are worded…

  • Act 10:45-47… “Can anyone withhold water for baptizing”
  • Act 11:14-17 … “when we believed in the Lord Jesus Christ”
  • Act 15:7-9… “he made no distinction between us and them”

Did you notice that these testimonies align receiving the Holy Ghost with baptism in Jesus’ name and also with believing the “word of the gospel”?

The Testimony of Jesus

Thirdly, we have the testimony of Jesus. He said everyone had to be “Born Again” of the “water” and the “Spirit” or they could not “see” or “enter” the “kingdom of God” (Joh 3:1-12). Furthermore, Jesus said that “all nations” were to be baptized in His name (Mat 28:18-19), and that the whole world would believe on Him through the Apostles’ words (Joh 17:20). These messages found their fulfillment through what Peter and the other eleven apostles said about being Born Again in Acts 2.

Through these evidences we can infer that the apostles were baptized the same way as their message. This made them partakers of the same salvation that comes through the same gospel. After all, there is only “one gospel,” one baptism, and only one name into which all are to be baptized. If these men had not been “Born Again” according to Acts 2:38, they would have been at best hypocrites, and at worst lost souls.

Jesus said that any who believed and is baptized will be saved, but any who do not believe will be damned (Mar 16:16). I believe this promise is inclusive enough to have also included the apostles.


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4 Responses to Where the Apostles Baptized in Jesus’ Name?

  1. D. D. Benincasa August 1, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    Elder Burk:

    Amen, water baptism in Jesus’ name is the only mode of baptism found in the actions of the apostles.

  2. Susana September 10, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    It hurts me deeply How so many have rejected Peter’s sermon, there for rejecting the words of Jesus Christ.
    I never hear Peter preached.
    I never hear about his shadow.
    I never hear that he walked on water.
    I am NOT idolizing Peter.
    It just hurts that he has been rejected. Peter walked on water.
    Satan didn’t like what Peter had to say.
    so that is why the Trinity came about.
    but baptism in Jesus name is still true.
    it was a glorious experience for me.

    I never hear that he was given the keys to the kingdom of God.

    • Thomas K Burk September 16, 2013 at 11:54 am #

      Peter was chosen by God to preach the gospel message on the Day of Pentecost. As he spoke the eleven remaining apostles stood with him showing their solidarity with his message. Jesus foretold that Peter’s message would be the message that explains to a man or woman how they must be saved. As a result, Peter’s words do hold a lot of weight in relation to the message of salvation. The problem some have with Peter’ Acts 2:38 message is that it does not agree with the traditions they have been taught.

      It is not until a man or a woman is willing to die to themselves that they find the life promised them through Jesus Christ. This “dying” includes ignoring anything (traditions, doctrines, superstitions, personal feeling, etc.) that nullifies the true Word of God. Religious people crucified Jesus. As hard as that may be for some to believe. that is a fact. Those who wanted Jesus killed preferred their traditions over anything Jesus said or did. It is really no different today; people still often prefer their beliefs over what the Bible records about the teachings of Jesus and His apostles. The problem they have is that the Bible says it is the Truth (its Truth) that sets men and women free. As a result, whenever a person ignores the fulness of God’s Truth, they miss out on experiencing the fulness of God’s spiritual freedom.

      This reminds me of the following December 6, 2003, quote from Bro. Benincasa: “The Bible is open to those that want truth, and those that want truth will find truth. There is only one truth, and it is not hidden. No matter what anyone says, truth still converts the sincere.”

  3. Susana September 10, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    The Apostle Peter baptized the first gentile convert.
    He raised Dorcas from the dead.
    He prayed for Aeneas.
    My point he was full of the power of God.
    In his sermon in Acts chapter 2 He explained perfectly who Jesus Christ is.
    History says he was crucified upside down.
    There has to be a judgment for those who have rejected everything he said and did for his Master.
    They’ve rejected God himself For rejecting God’s chosen vessel.
    yes I forgive but it still hurts me deeply.

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